About Us – Wilderness Resort in Elk lake Ontario

About Us – Wilderness Resort in Elk lake Ontario

The Elk Lake Eco Centre is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to connecting people with their surroundings. We are a wilderness resort ideal for corporate retreats, family reunions, weddings, and outdoor adventure.

In 1999, the Eco Centre opened in the community of Elk Lake as a regional project with the goal of diversifying the local economy through a state-of-the-art training centre, employing local people and bringing new tourism dollars into the region.

The intention was to create an educational program to teach multiple land use concepts. Today, the Eco Centre has become a multi-use facility, offering a wide array of services to an ever-expanding clientele. From tourists to contractors and everything in between. We exist to indulge the educational tourism market, and we offer programs concerning natural wonders, environmental sustainability, and having fun outside. Our key services include the following:

  • education, team building, and training programs,
  • equipment rentals,
  • facility and space rentals,
  • lodgings,
  • outdoor hot tub and sauna,
  • restaurant, bar, and catering services, and
  • retail services.

Together we can strengthen rural economies and protect our resources.

Our Mandate | the eco statement.

The Elk Lake Eco Centre’s mandate is as follows:

1. Promote the principles of sustainable resource management to the people of Temiskaming, Northern Ontario, Canada, and beyond, and work to ensure its continuation.

2. Provide the tools to educate the public on issues affecting natural resources and to assist them in making effective management decisions for their community.

3. Provide a forum for education in successful community-driven, multiple use land management.

4. Promote the education and employment opportunities in sustainable natural resource industries.

5. Provide cost effective, innovative alternatives to resolving conflicts between the many users of the land base.

6. Construct a facility to further the research of sustainable resource management and provide a forum for the advancement of multi-use land resource management.

7. Maintain strong leadership in sustainable resource management, ensuring that the work is continued, enhanced, and further developed.

Location | closer than you think.

The Eco Centre is located in beautiful Elk Lake, Ontario, “the backdoor to Temagami.” We’re approximately five and a half hours from Toronto, and six and a half hours from Ottawa.

For more information on driving directions to and from the Eco Centre, visit the larger interactive Google Map.

Wood Works | a wood friendly facility.

Canada’s forests play a major role in the delicate balance of life, supporting two thirds of Canada’s one hundred and forty thousand species of plants, animals and microorganisms.

Only one hundred and nineteen million or 28% of forests are currently managed for timber production while an estimated thirty-two million are protected from harvesting. Internationally, Canada supports developing countries to better manage their forests through technology transfer and professional advice.

The world is watching – and it likes what it sees. Canada is building a wood culture, where the world sees us as leaders in building with wood, where we produce competitive products and building systems and where we embrace wood as our first choice and best value building material. Best of all, we do all of that as part of our stewardship of vibrant, healthy sustainable forests.

The mandate of the architect was to maximize the use of local wood products while constructing the facility.

In light of this, the Elk Lake Eco Centre embodies a commitment of the community, the forest industry, and the forest management stakeholders to provide the stewardship necessary to sustain the broad spectrum of resources that is the northern forest.

Use of Wood Product throughout the Eco Centre
  • Douglas fir poles provide interior structural support for pre-engineered wood truss roof system and joints of the mezzanine level.
  • Exterior walls are wood frame construction including spruce/pine/fir used as wood siding and trims.
  • Gable ends are finished in red cedar shingles. The generous exterior canopies are a mixture of treated pine poles supports and pine timber framing material.
  • Interior finishes include sanded wafer board floor tile, parallam beams, exposed wafer board paneling, and birch trims. All interior wood products are finished in a way to maintain their natural colour.

The Eco Centre

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